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Scientific Russia has visited one of the largest enterprises in the Russian agrobiological industry

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Aleksey Kornoukhov

On April 12, the world celebrates the date of the first human flight into space. Throughout this month we are going to talk about space discoveries, theories, and everyday aspects of traveling across the Universe

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

Has the Gzhel pottery always been blue and white? Where did the recognizable Gzhel rose come from? How did a Voronezh artist revive the Russian traditional industry?

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva

Today, information streams are so fast that it is extremely difficult to keep track even of current affairs, while remembering something large seems infeasible. However, the ancient Greeks came up with a way to keep a lot of information in


Maria Vasilyevna Klenova paved the way to the coldest continent of the planet


Rosalind Franklin’s story is one of the examples that Margaret Rossiter uses in her 1993 research dedicated to the Matilda Effect

Author Aleksandr Burmistrov

What was the beginning of the path of the young cardiologist? How has the pandemic affected medical education? Why is continuity important in medicine?

Photo Anastasiya Rogacheva
Video Alexey Kornoukhov
Author Анна Посохова
Video Dmitrij Samsonov
Author Olga Skibina
Photo Nikolay Malakhin


In our article, which opens the thematic week before International Women's Day, we’ll speak on the history of the holiday

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

Vasily Golovnin fought in many naval battles and made two circumnavigations of the globe. However, his calling card for posterity is his memoirs about his adventures in Japanese captivity

Semen Lopuhov

How the LPTI system protected warships from German mines during WWII

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva


In our article, we talk about the life and work of outstanding scientists, which opens the thematic week for the Defender of the Fatherland Day


Main topic: Development of astrophysical research in Russia: ground and space segment.

Photo Elena Librik
Video Dmitrij Samsonov
Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Anastasiya Podryabinkina

On February 21, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick proposed a structural model of DNA, the double helix

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya


Had Thomas Edison lived in our time, he would have been surprised by the number of light bulbs that have appeared in our world, and he certainly would not have ended up with only one patent. Read more about the history of the light bulb, its design, and its modern types in our article

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

It is not a problem to send a text or a photo today, the only thing you need is the internet connection. Sending a parcel is a different story – new technologies are also involved in the delivery of goods, food, and medicine today

Aleksandr Burmistrov

Headset, connection to oxygen, information on the visor, and even virtual reality – today pilots have a full-fledged computer. Not at all like the helmets of the early 20th century

Aleksandr Burmistrov

14 февраля родился ученый, просветитель и бессменный автор передачи "Очевидное - невероятное" Сергей Петрович Капица


Read about the first steps of mankind in recording sounds – mechanical recording devices in this Scientific Russia article

Aleksandr Burmistrov

On February 10, 2009, the collision of artificial satellites in Earth orbit was registered for the first time

Author Anastasia Ibragimova

On February 9, 1897, the first population census of the Russian Empire was held


Reports of young scientists – laureates of the Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation were presented at the meeting and issues of cooperation with African countries were discussed

Anna Posokhova
Aleksandr Burmistrov
Elena Librik
Aleksandr Kozlov

Scientific Russia publishes the final article of the series dedicated to the unique science of the Republic of Karelia

Author Yanina Khuzhina
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachov
Video Alexey Kornoukhov

How often have you been advised to look at the world differently? To remove the rose-colored glasses, to take a look at something at a different angle, to become simpler, or, on the contrary, a little more serious. We are ready to suggest you do the same, but in a much more interesting way. Let's have a look at the world through the eyes of our pets. 


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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