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Read about the “chemistry” of garbage dumped into a single pile and technologies for landfill remediation


Scientists from FRC Komi SC Ural RAS and Vyatka State University are creating promising environmentally friendly and safe fertilizers for organic agriculture using natural raw materials of the Kirov region


What is the advantage of redox flow batteries and how are they arranged?

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft

The theory of chemical structure is the foundation of organic chemistry. Its creator, Alexander Butlerov, was born on September 15, 1828


An academic at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia speaks on the properties of porous polymers and the appeal of chemical science

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Andrey Luft
Video Aleksandr Kozlov

Prof. Viktor Avdeev on the technological enterprise established in Moscow State University and popular areas of modern material science

Author Anastasiya Rogacheva
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Video Dmitry Samsonov

How can we provide for the future energy needs of humanity? Can we hope for hydrogen energy? How to find a reasonable balance between growing needs and maintaining a healthy environment?

Беседовала Наталия Лескова
Фото Николай Мохначев
Видео Алексей Корноухов

In many cultures the word “golden” is associated with something good: golden rule, golden hands, golden medal, golden words, and just about anything else if it is “worth its weight in gold.” Let's look into why this precious metal has become a metaphor and where it came from on our planet.

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

More than 2 billion people on the planet do not have access to clean drinking water. From 5 to 8 million people a year die after consuming low-quality water and the number of those who fall ill amounts to half a billion


On 27 August 865, Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Razi, Persian scholar, encyclopedist, physician, alchemist, and philosopher was born.

Author Polina Ostrizhnaya

Scientists help understand where fires will occur in advance, as well as to prepare the liquids that are more effective than water

Alexander Burmistrov


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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