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Specialists of the NP Energy Center at the IPCP RAS in Chernogolovka near Moscow have created Russia’s first autonomous hydrogen refueling station

Author Anastasia Penzina
Video Aleksey Kornoukhov
Photo Nikolay Malakhin

Academician of RAS Viktor Savinykh, two times Hero of the Soviet Union, who has performed three spaceflights as onboard engineer, recalls his flights, reasons upon the importance of scientific research and education of the younger generation.

Author Nataliya Leskova
Video Alexey Kornoukhov
Photo Andrey Luft

Station Luna-25 will start for the Moon in October 2021. What are the tasks of new Russian lunar mission? The answers are provided by Igor Mitrofanov, head of nuclear planetology department at the Space Research Institute (IKI) of RAS.

Author Anastasia Penzina
Video Alexey Kornoukhov
Photo Nikolay Malakhin

Previously, surgery has only been successful in 20% of liver cancer patients. Radioembolization can arrest tumor development. This treatment is now also available in Russia. On April 9, doctors performed four such procedures.

Video Aleksandr Kozlov
Photo Andrey Luft
Author Aleksandr Burmistrov

The quiz saw active participation by students from 67 schools collaborating on the RAS Basic Schools project launched by the Russian Academy of Sciences together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Video Dmitry Samsonov
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachov
Author Anna Posokhova

Borok Geophysical Observatory of Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences is an extraordinary place where the magnetic properties of our planet and life itself as a wave phenomenon are studied


On April 2nd, an online press conference on the issues of “The Russian Academy of Sciences and the Future of Science and Technology in Yakutia” was held at the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency

Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Author Natalya Malakhova

On April 2nd, an online press conference of head of the RAS Alexander Mikhaylovich Sergeev and head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aysen Sergeyevich Nikolayev was held


Online press conference: The Russian Academy of Sciences and the Scientific and Technological Future of Yakutia


On April 2, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., A. M. Sergeev, held an online press conference at the International Multimedia Press Center of Rossiya Segodnya International 

Video Dmitry Samsonov
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Author Anna Posokhova
Karina Lanyak

Information provided by the Scientific Russia News Agency. Media outlet’s registration certificate: IA No. FS77-62580 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media on July 31, 2015.


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How can technology of remote sensing of the Earth keep track of wildfires, oceanic processes, volcanic activity, and urban development?

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