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The exploration of Arctic Region, territory rich in mineral resources, is a key global trend today

Video Dmitry Samsonov
Author Evgeniya Chernoskulova

The date is confined to opening of the first drifting polar station – North Pole (USSR) – in 1937

Author Yanina Khuzhina

Specialists from the Federal Center for Integrated Arctic Research of the Urals Department of RAS presented their find of a migratory species of butterflies on the islands of the High Arctic: two individuals of red-black large tortoiseshells Vanessa polychloros were discovered at Cape Zhelaniya (near the northern tip of Novaya Zemlya archipelago)

Author Olesya Farberovich

On April 2, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., A. M. Sergeev, held an online press conference at the International Multimedia Press Center of Rossiya Segodnya International 

Video Dmitry Samsonov
Photo Nikolay Mokhnachev
Author Anna Posokhova
Karina Lanyak


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What saints did the conquistadors pray to and why did they decide to conquer Mexico? What was the ethnic, regional, and age composition of the Conquista? 

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