В 1848 году в Лондоне вышел «Манифест Коммунистической партии»

This thin book included no more than 24 pages. However, according to Fet, “this little book is heavier than many volumes.” About a year before, the League of Just turned to young political technologists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels with a request. The latter passionately put their hands to the plough and quickly turned the Just into communists. A bit later, the political advisers secured another order for drawing the program for the Communist League. The philosophers armed with pens began: “A spectre is haunting Europe…” Not everything was going smoothly, the co-authors were scolded for failure to meet the delivery time, yet they still put down the last line “Working men of all countries, unite!” and put the manuscript to the printing house. This is how the spectre saw the light of the day and made a strong impact on the public and philosophical thought of the 19th and 20th centuries.