Director of the Center for Brain Research SAGE University of California at Santa Barbara, a former head of the project "Law and Neuroscience" MacArthur.

MAIN TOPIC - "Caution! Separate unconscious! "

The realization that the unconscious is able to receive the information, accumulate it, compared with the previous experience and use, at the time caused a real shock specialists. After all, it means that the brain can go without attracting conscious awareness and decide on an unconscious level. In his book "The Social Brain" (The Social Brain, 1985) Michael Gazzaniga is a concept that could be truly revolutionary. The phenomena has long studied in clinical hypnotherapy, get in the theory of biological substantiation Gazzaniga. Michael Gazzaniga has developed the concept of "modules", through which shows how, during the functioning of the brain on mood and behavior can influence the information does not relate to his consciousness. Methods impact on the brain at an unconscious level, more than a decade studying hypnotherapy adherents, but today such models to stimulate attract the attention of a much larger circle of specialists.