В 1709 году продемонстрирован первый европейский фарфор

On that day, alchemist Iohann Friedrich Bottger showed to Prince-Elector of Saxony porcelain ware that looked like Chinese one. Let us imagine what each of them could think in this situation. Augustus the Strong: “I was lucky to steal him from Prussia. Unfortunately, he failed to obtain gold for me, yet porcelain is as good as gold today. Haven’t I given away a company of soldiers for four Chinese vases?” Bottger: “It is good that I have had to puff my wig. Thank God, the idea to roll the powder in my fingers came to my mind. Otherwise, I would not know that these swindlers of barbers have replaced rice powder with white clay that is good for making porcelain mixture.” And the parties parted company satisfied and went to found Meissen Porcelain factory.