26 апреля 1658 года Фроловскую башню Кремля переименовали в Спасскую

This building was built in 1491 to a design by Pietro Antonio Solari. At first it was not as high; it was not completed until after 1625. From the top floor there is a beautiful panoramic view but tourists are not admitted. The outline of this building is known worldwide; it became a symbol of Moscow. But here’s the problem: Pietro Antonio Solari did not build the Spasskaya Tower. He built Frolovskaya – and it was the same tower, only named after the Church of Frolus and Laurus in the Kremlin that did not survive to the present day. It was Frolovskaya Tower, not Spasskaya, that had the first clocks installed – they were mounted there by the “artisan from the Land of English” Christopher Galloway. Finally, the Frolovskaya Tower was renamed Spasskaya, or the Savior Tower, by an edict of Tsar Alexis (Aleksey Mikhailovich). The reason was the display of the Icon of the Savior above the tower gate, facing the Red Square.