6 июня 1957 года в Москве открылся магазин «Детский мир»

The World War II took the lives of tens of millions of Soviet people. The Party and the government stimulated the birth rate with a carrot and a stick: they made it more difficult to divorce, imposed a tax on childlessness, increased family allowances, and decided to set up good children's stores. The first one grew on the site of the old Lubyansky Passage in record time. Under the project of architect Dushkin – the very architect who created the metro stations Mayakovskaya, Kropotkinskaya, Novoslobodskaya, the same subway builders built the largest children's department store in Europe with a sales area of twenty-two thousand square meters, which is twice the area of TSUM, in three years. And again, we couldn't have done it without science, this time without pedagogy: the name of the store was generously shared by the great Russian teacher Ushinsky, who published a book for elementary reading called Children's World (Detsky Mir) back in 1861.