19 ноября 1900 года родился выдающийся математик Михаил Алексеевич Лаврентьев

Outstanding mathematician Mikhail Lavrentyev took part in foundation of the Institute of Physics and Technology and stood at the origins of the projects on building the first Soviet computers. However, it was Siberia that became his lifetime project. Academicians Lavrentyev, Sobolev and Khristianovich came up with an idea of creating a large research center in the eastern part of the country. Lavrentyev took charge of the Siberian branch of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and founded the Academic Town in Novosibirsk. Over 20 research institutions and thousands of scientific discoveries – these are the merits of Mikhail Lavrentyev to Russia. By the way, choosing the title for the book of his memoirs he settled upon Lomonosov’s words: “Growth by way of adding Siberia.”