20 июля 1929 года основан город Игарка

In 1929, the Soviet Union needed a Yenisei harbor for timber exports. That same year, the authorities began to build a timber port and a town on the coast of the Igarka branch of the Yenisei River. The town was also named Igarka, which is a simple Russian name “Yegorka” mispronounced by the locals. We even know the last name of this Yegorka – Shiryayev. The fisherman Yegor Ivanovich Shiryayev once built a winter hut in the lower reaches of the Yenisei River – it was him who gave the local geography his name. The logging and reloading center was built by the GULAG prisoners up until the 1950s. In the heyday of the town, there were 18,000 inhabitants in the permafrost region beyond the Polar Circle. Today, there are fewer than six thousand inhabitants in the town.