9 мая 1913 года на экраны Франции вышел фильм о Фантомасе

In 1911, journalists Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain introduced a new character to the reading public. An omnipresent, cold-blooded killer empowered by the latest technology, he embodied the crime in its pure form. Even his name sounded frightening:

Fantômas! The first Fantômas movie – a silent one – was released in France on May 9 1913. And it introduced the latest technology to viewers. A single movie was clearly not enough, and the director Louis Feuillade intended to make a long series about the adventures of the evil incarnate, but the fifth movie turned out to be the last as the war broke out. Then there was a 1931 screen version, but the real big success was reaped by André Hunebelle with his parody movies of the mid-1960s. The noble Jean Marais, the joyful Louis de Funes, the charming Mylene Demongeot and once again, the latest innovations.