14 июня 1864 года родился Алоис Альцгеймер

The German, who – according to a popular joke – makes grandmas go crazy, received his medical education in Würzburg and Berlin and studied brain disorders and nervous system diseases all his life: alcoholic psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy, neurosyphilis and other severe diseases with unappetizing names. Physicians are well familiar with his six-volume work Histological and histopathological studies of gray substances of the brain. And everyone, including the grandma from the joke, are aware of the existence of a disease that Alzheimer's colleague, German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, named after his teacher. He first spoke about the illness of 50-year-old Augusta D. in public lecture in 1906, and it brought Alzheimer worldwide fame. One hundred years later, in 2006, they voiced sad numbers: as of today, 26.6 million people in the world suffered from Alzheimer-type senile dementia, otherwise called the Alzheimer's disease.