14 августа 1457 года  из типографии в Майнце вышел в свет Псалтырь – первая точно датированная печатная книга

It was the first book to bear the names of its publishers, Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer. They were believed to be the first printers for a long time. The truth was discovered thanks to an anniversary, as the descendants of Schöffer decided to celebrate the anniversary of his invention. They hired a special archivist and commissioned him to study all the surviving documents. The archivist went to work scrupulously and eventually discovered the account of a lawsuit. The plaintiff Johann Fust demanded a debt from Johannes Gutenberg and seized his print shop as payment for the debt. He had to disillusion his descendants — Schöffer did not invent anything on his own, but only served as a senior assistant to the real printer — Gutenberg. And before the Book of Psalms, Gutenberg printed the Latin grammar by Aelius Donatus, several papal pardons, and two Bibles.