27 апреля 1965 года запатентован памперс

“The second great invention of the 20th century after the computer” – so the diapers were ranked by the generation of parents who had their first-hand experience using them.

Disposable diapers are held to be the invention of Victor Mills of Procter and Gamble. Before coming up with a diaper capable of absorbing baby excretions, the wonderful chemist had been credited with inventing the first synthetic detergent and even the recipe for the Pringles chips. And then granddaddy Vic celebrated the birth of his second grandson with his design of disposable diaper panties later known under the Pampers trademark. The first designs had to be fastened using a safety pin – the convenient ribbon was invented 10 years later. The time was apt for the invention as America was experiencing a baby boom. That’s how this pampering idea grew into multibillion dollar business.