The Third International Moscow Academic Economic Forum started its work. The topic of MAEF 2021 is Global Transformation of Modern Society and National Development Goals of Russia. 

The forum comprises the leading scientists and experts from Russia and foreign countries, young researchers, representatives of federal legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation, administrations of Russian entities, representatives of Russia’s education community, business circles, international and Russian public organizations. 

The opening speeches were made by   

- Alexander Sergeev, co-chairman of MAEF, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS academician, doctor of physics and mathematics, professor; 

- Sergey Bodrunov, co-chairman of MAEF, president of the Free Economic Society of Russia, president of the International Union of Economists, director of the Vitte Institute of New Industrial Development, doctor of economics, professor. 

One can get acquainted with the forum’s complete program on the official website.

The event was organized by the Free Economic Society of Russia, Russian Academy of Scientists and International Union of Economists.


The Scientific Russia portal broadcasted live opening ceremony online.


11.00 The opening ceremony begins. Video clip devoted to economic development in 2020 is demonstrated

11.07 Video clip about the Moscow Academic Economic Forum is demonstrated

11.08 Fragment from the video: “The forum is aimed at interdisciplinary approach

11.11 Fragment from the video: “MAEF is the result of common initiative suggested by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Free Economic Society of Russia, and International Union of Economists” 

11.13 Moscow Academic Economic Forum starts its work

11.14 The floor is given to president of the Free Economic Society, president of the International Union of Economists Sergey Bodrunov

11.15 Due to the epidemiological situation it was impossible to invite all registered participants in the grand hall of RAS. Some of the participants from the regions take part in the forum work online

11.17 Video clip about MAEF architecture is broadcasted

11.18 “Within the framework of MAEF, annual industrial and thematic forums will be organized” 

11.20 The floor is given to resident of RAS Alexander Sergeev

11.21 RAS resident Alexander Sergeev delivers the welcoming speech to the participants

11.22 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “The COVID period has had a serious effect on economic processes. Some of the problems have aggravated. As for other ones, we have managed to solve them quicker” 

11.25 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “We must understand that the crisis has broken out not for us alone, but for all countries as well" 

11.26 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “Science has become the key tool for overcoming the crisis and responded to it as quickly as possible” 

11.29 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “The international cooperation in science has been organized very efficiently. I probably cannot recall the time of such openness in communication, the articles being published so quickly and with loyal attitude on the part of experts, the database being opened for all those interested"

11.33 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “Today the role of state lies not just in affording more of budget money, but in catalyzing the processes that would stimulate business to allocate more money to science"

11.38 RAS President Alexander Sergeev dwells upon international cooperation and financing of research

11.40 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “It is hard to make a breakthrough working alone. The science has long become an international sphere of activities"

11.43 RAS President Alexander Sergeev dwells upon the need for supporting the branches of human knowledge

11.45 RAS President Alexander Sergeev highlights the issues dealing with climate and low-carbon economy

11.47 ПRAS President Alexander Sergeev on climatic issues: “In some sense, this task looks like the one that we are trying to accomplish in connection with the pandemic. It is a transition to new solutions​​​​​​​"

11.50 RAS President Alexander Sergeev dwells upon the need for creating the system for carbon dioxide movement monitoring

11.51 RAS President Alexander Sergeev speaks about the importance and safety of nuclear power engineering

11.53 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “Substantial role in solving climatic problems should belong to our companies​​​​​​​"

11.55 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “Today, the role of economic science lies in setting the right vector of movement along the new economic path. We have definitely chosen the right trajectory, but where it will lead, and how quickly we will be moving is a challenge that we have to discuss, solve and present recommendations for our government system​​​​​​​"  

11.57 RAS President Alexander Sergeev finishes his welcoming speech

11.58 The microphone is handed over to co-chairman of MAEF, president of the Free Economic Society of Russia, president of the International Union of Economists Sergey Bodrunov

11.59 The report by Sergey Bodrunov "Global Transformation of Modern Society and National Development Goals of Russia​​​​​​​"

12.02 Sergey Bodrunov: “The problems flow the world over today"

12.05 Sergey Bodrunov: “Many specialists have been talking about the need for quitting the one-dimensional concept of viewing the mankind development model"

12.07 Sergey Bodrunov dwells upon the main trends fixing the objective aspects of technological process. 

12.09 Sergey Bodrunov: “Speaking about reindustrialization, development of industrial production and its revival, we mean that these processes should be carried out on a new technological basis"

12.12 Sergey Bodrunov: “The technological progress and diffusion of property pave the way for the socialization of society and development of human traits​​​​​​​"  

12.16 Sergey Bodrunov: “The basic trends of new industrial economy are built around the individuals, their needs and real demands​​​​​​​"

12.18 Sergey Bodrunov: “Almost over the whole post-soviet period, our country has been following the way of development without a clear strategy​​​​​​​"

12.19 Sergey Bodrunov dwells upon the strategy of Russia’s economic development

12.22 Sergey Bodrunov offers comparative assessment of Russia’s GDP and the dynamics of average life expectancy

12.24 Sergey Bodrunov: “Special attention should be paid to supporting and raising the financing of fundamental science, which not only forms the scientific basis of STP, but makes a weighty contribution, though not always adequately appreciated by the society, to economic and social health of this society​​​​​​​"

12.28 Sergey Bodrunov highlights the new model of Russia’s spatial development

12.30 Sergey Bodrunov: “The strategy should envision the development of individual as a citizen. A responsible person, a high-minded man of high culture and broad-based knowledge who can boast of good education and readiness for solving public problems in sympathetic way"

12.31 Sergey Bodrunov concludes his report

12.32 Announcement as to the ceremony of awarding the young scientists, winners of the scholar papers contest "Russia’s Economic Growth"

12.33 The awarding ceremony begins

12.37 Diplomas, prizes and gifts are handed over to the winners

12.40 The awarding ceremony goes on

12.44 The awarding ceremony is over. The microphone is passed to chairman of the jury, RAS academician Sergey Glazyev

12.47 RAS academician Sergey Glazyev finished his speech

12.48 The opening ceremony of MAEF is over.

End of broadcast