В 1973 г. в путешествие по Луне отправился «Луноход-2»

On January 16, 1973, eight-wheeled Lunokhod 2 slid off the rigs of the Luna 21 space station under its own power and rolled along the lunar Sea of Serenity. He worked for less than six months, but it set impressive records: in terms of the mass of a self-propelled vehicle – 836 kilograms, the distance traveled – as much as 37 kilometers, the speed of movement, etc. Lunokhod 2 was standing idle on the Moon for 20 years, but in 1993 it was sold at Sotheby’s for $68.5 thousand, and the buyer was the son of Owen Garriott, an American astronaut. The device still rests on the Moon, but its owner may be calm – it will not get rusted.