В 1960 году сформирован первый отряд космонавтов

Back on January 11, 1960, Commander of Air Force Vershinin issued an order organizing special military unit No.26266 that was charged with training cosmonauts. On March 7, 12 people were enrolled in the first cosmonaut corps. Here are their names in alphabetic order: Ivan Anikeyev, Valery Bykovsky, Boris Volynov, Yuri Gagarin, Viktor Gorbatko, Vladimir Komarov, Alexey Leonov, Grigory Nelyubov, Adrian Nikolayev, Pavel Popovich, German Titov and Georgy Shonin. Two of them were later dismissed for violation of discipline. The rest got through the path to stars, became heroes and celebrities. The first candidates to cosmonauts were selected extremely carefully: all of them were military pilots not older than 30, having a height of 170 cm maximum and weight within the limits of 65 kg.