В 1920 году образована Государственная комиссия по электрификации России

Herbert Wells, having a sharp eye, was right – Russia of 1920 was really in the shadows. However, this mist was already lifting: on February 21, 1920 the Soviet government formed the State Electrification Commission of Russia. This commission with Gleb Krzhizhanovsky at the head comprised outstanding Russian scientists and engineers. The headache lay in choosing the abbreviation for the commission and later electrification plan. Among the names suggested there were GREK, ELEROS, KOPERO, KOMERO, GOSCOPEL, GOSUDAKER, GOSKREL…. When all of these variants were rejected, Karl Krug suggested his one – POSKODO (abbreviation for let’s go home promptly in Russian). The resulting laughter spurred the scientific thought, and Graftio hit upon GOELRO. By December, the commission developed the plan, which was approved at the Congress of Soviets and implemented, unlike the one on building communism. What has science to do with it? Apart from history, GOELRO has become the object under study of neology, the science that studies new words.