В 1908 г. в России учредили первый аэроклуб

A special commission worked out the rules specifying that the aero club consisted of two departments – engineering and sports ones. Among the members of the club there were honorary ones, those with “special merits to the cause of aeronautics.” The document also described scientific enough, though a bit exotic tasks that the aero club members set. Along with natural missions like development of scientific knowledge and practical execution of aeronautic projects, as well as the related astronomical and meteorological research, the list of them included “promoting the use of aerial photography, pigeon post and other kinds of mail,” as well as “organizing aerial excursions for both members and outsiders with the help of fixed, free and guided balloons.” A year later, the aero club passed into the Royal custody and received the name of Imperial one. On Thursdays, the members could come to the club and exchange opinions in aeronautic issues. The club functioned until the very October Revolution.