В 1893 году Рудольф Дизель получил патент на дизельную установку

Those coming to Bavarian city of Augsburg can visit the memorial house of Rudolf Diesel. In front of this building, grateful Japanese erected a monument with inscription “Your spirit is immortal on Japanese land.” It is really immortal – both in Japan and all other corners of the world people use diesel engines (compressed ignition engines). These motors were named after their inventor. They say that once, on a rainy morning of 1888, young Rudolf Diesel entered a museum to take shelter from rain. One of the exhibits caught his attention. It was a lighter produced in 1833, which looked like a syringe with glass cylinder and a piston. The idea dawned upon the young man. His work resulted in patent “Method and device for transforming high temperature into work” obtained on February 23, 1893. Later, Diesel modified his invention, and the mankind received energy-efficient engine using fuel much cheaper than petrol.