В 1832 г. Александра Пушкина избрали членом Российской Академии

On December 3, 1832 (under the Julian calendar) President of the Russian Academy admiral Alexander S. Shishkov addressed the assembly: “Would you, my respected fellows, find it agreeable to elect the following persons as full members of the Academy?..” Not all five nominees are now well familiar to the public, however, you are more than aware of the legacy of one person. The works by the nominee were so popular that Shiskov did not have to enumerate them. Neither shall we as soon as we mention the name of Alexander S. Pushkin. All the Academy members voted for him unanimously and 10 days later Russia’s top poet received his membership certificate signed by Shishkov. The poet was not that happy. Vyazemsky mentioned that the poet found constant talks about dictionaries boring. For 2 years he participated in the meetings devoted to the compilation of the Russian Language Dictionary, he was displeased with Shishkov and other “literary conservatives” and grumbled that Shishkov “had filled the Academy with priests.” Shishkov was famous for his struggle against loan words in the Russian language. He suggested Russian equivalents for everything, no matter how funny it may have sounded. But the worst part was breakfasts. Pushkin was so upset about the bad quality of meals at Academy breakfasts that he even considered putting forward his first initiative as hiring a proper chef. Thus, Pushkin could become similar to sir Isaak Newton who felt desperately bored in the House of Lords and his only speech consisted in the request to close the window to prevent draft.