В 1743 году родился Томас Джефферсон

Once, John Kennedy was giving a dinner in honor of Nobel Prize winners. Having glanced round the hall full of outstanding people, the president joked that the White House had not seen such concentration of talent and genius for about 150 years, since the time Thomas Jefferson was dining there alone. Thomas Jefferson was a remarkable lawyer, politician, engineer and inventor, talented writer, historian, farmer and philosopher. He invented rotation chair for pianists and founded the Congress Library having given away his own book collection to lay the foundation for it. Among his successful initiatives, the Declaration of Independence dominates like Everest. It was the core document of the American revolution adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. It proclaimed the separation of 13 British colonies located in the North America from the UK. Written by Jefferson within 17 days, the Declaration reserved the right for overthrowing totalitarian regime for the people, proclaimed the basic ideas of democracy including the equality of people, “their undeniable rights for life, freedom and pursuit of happiness.” Jefferson described all these intricate principles in brilliant language and clear way. It was not a surprise, as the third president of the USA was author of many aphorisms and even the very term of PR. As for 10 rules of life that he described in the letter to his son, they deserve being inscribed on the marble in golden letters and used instead of the moral code of communism builders. Here are a couple of them – Take things always by their smooth handle or Never pull of till tomorrow what you can do today.