В 1616 г. открыт мыс Горн

In one of his poems brilliant poet Boris Zakhoder tells about a sword fish demanding to beat its sword into plough immediately. Naturally, it happened near Cape Horn. However, both Zakhoder and the fish were wrong. The name of the cape discovered by famous Dutch navigator Willem Cornelisz Schouten on January 29, 1616 during his fourth trip in search of India has nothing to do with forging horn. Neither has it anything to do with bugle (horn in Russian). The Dutch traveler named the cape after his native town of Hoorn, which paid for the expenses of this expedition. We take this opportunity to

Shatter the myth: the rock 417 meters high is not the most southerly point of South America. Actually, the most southerly point of the continent is Brunswick Peninsula. Naturally Cape Horn is 260 km further south, yet it is located on Horn Island. The rest is true – no South American land is located more southerly.