В 1536 г. испанский конкистадор Педро де Мендоса основал Буэнос-Айрес

The city was founded on the southern bank of Gulf La Plata, south-eastern coast of South America. The Spaniards planned to move into the inland of the continent. The religious conquistador named the new city Ciudad de la Santisima Trinidad (City of the Holy Trinity) and would tell everybody that the settlement was founded on the Trinity Day. As for the port, Mendoza named it Puerta de Nuestra Senora de Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires (the port of Our Lady Virgin of Mary with fair winds). It is not by chance that fair winds were mentioned, as at that time people used only sailing ships which could not move without fair wind. With time, the city and port combined into a single whole, while the names also got attached to each other. As few people could memorize and pronounce this long phrase, so only the tail of it remained by the beginning of 19th century – Buenos Aires (fair winds). Those who do not know the history of it, sometimes translate the name of Argentinian capital as “Good Air.” Those who do it believe this name to be an unfortunate joke, like Argentinian writer Marcelo Figueras, as the city was built on a swamp, and the local climate is rather unhealthy.