7 сентября  1812 года состоялось Бородинское сражение

On August 26, O.S., “the horses howled, their manes were shaking; a thousand shouts and shots were making one never-ending wail...” — 120,000 soldiers and 640 canons of the Kutuzov army met 135,000 soldiers and 587 cannons of the Napoleon I army at the Borodino Field near Mozhaysk. See the details in the poem Borodino by Lermontov. Who won? It is a big question — Russians believe that Mikhail Illarionovich defeated the enemy at the field of the Russian glory and surrendered Moscow ravaged by the fire to the French for tactical reasons only. The French, however, have a different opinion — Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides in Paris is surrounded by 12 Nike statues by the number of his major victories. One of them bears the inscription saying “Moscou” in French.