3 июля 1886 года Карл Бенц впервые испытал автомобиль собственной конструкции

As we know, car designers agreed to give priority to those who observed four conditions: created an original idea, patented it, convinced newspapers to write about the first ride and make the car a product rather than an object for personal use. Carl Benz satisfied all the four conditions. He designed an automobile with a gasoline-powered engine and patented in on January 29, 1886. An on July 3 of the same year, he fulfilled the third condition. We can even say that the German town of Mannheim was slightly shocked: an exotic three-wheel carriage entered its streets and rode a kilometer at a breakneck speed of 16 km/h, emanating gasoline vapors. Afterwards, Gottlieb Daimler invented to put this car on four wheels, but that was a bit later. And in 1926, when the companies were merged, Daimler came first. As in an old joke, the guy who invented the wheel was a fool, the genius was the one who invented the other three.