27 октября 1855 года родился селекционер Иван Владимирович Мичурин

Everyone knows Ivan Vladimirovich. People who do not know what sorts of fruit and berries the Doctor of Biology, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Knight of the Order of Saint Anna, Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labor developed over his long life confidently use the words “michurinets” and “michurinsky” in their speech. In addition to common names and the city named after him in Tambov Region, the wonderful Russian plant selection breeder left us a covenant that bounced off every Soviet student’s teeth. In the introduction to the third edition of the book Results of Sixty Years of Work of Breeding New Varieties of Fruit Plants, Michurin made a conclusion from his many years of work: “We cannot wait for favors from Nature. To take them from it – that is our task.” If Ivan Vladimirovich knew who and for what purposes would play with his words, by God, he would bite his tongue.