21 мая  1773 года  Суворов взял турецкую крепость Туртукай

At dawn, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov with a unit of several hundred people suddenly attacked Turtukai manned by a garrison of 4,000. The sneak attack was successful: the Turks were beaten and the fortress was destroyed. Satisfied, Russians returned to their bank of the Danube. Suvorov had a little concussion but overcame his sickness, composed a short verse and sent it to Field Marshal General Rumyantsev: “Thank God, and glory to you; Turtukai has been captured and I’m inside.” It is rumored that the latter got angry and ordered to turn Suvorov over to a court martial for taking unsolicited action. The scandal was reported to the Empress, and Mother Catherine according to the legend, replied with a fitting phrase: “Winners should not be judged.” Historians believe that was anecdotal. Perhaps but the assault on Turtukai was real.