2 ноября 1777 года был основан Ставрополь

The Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774 ended with a Russian victory. In addition to the moral satisfaction, Russia acquired a new border and all the problems that came with its outfitting. Grigory Potemkin was appointed governor-general of the new southern provinces and decided to build the Azov-Mozdok defense line that would have 10 fortresses with redoubts between them. On this day, 6 squadrons of dragoons and 250 Khoper Cossacks, led by Colonel Ladyzhensky, arrived at the Black Forest by the Tashla River, and started to build the 8th, counting from Mozdok, Potemkin's fortress. It is written that when they were laying the foundation stone, the soldiers found an ancient stone cross. In keeping with the fashion of the time, important people in Saint Petersburg then translated the word “cross” into Greek and added the Greek ending “-polis,” which means an abbreviated “city.” And the result was Stavropol, Russia's outpost on its southern border. The Stavropol that already existed on Volga at that time was overlooked, which caused confusion that persisted for a couple of centuries.