2 июня 1932 года родился популяризатор науки Ярослав Голованов

This date absolutely cannot be missed, for Yaroslav Kirillovich was not only a brilliant journalist but also a tireless popularizer of science. It was he who opened the outer space to the reader – in the most literal sense of the word, telling his audience about the chief rocket designer Korolev and the cosmonaut crew. Fascinating as fiction, all twenty of his books are good reads: Essays about Scientists, Essays About the Great, Road to the Launch Site, Korolev: Facts and Myths and others published in twenty-five languages with a total circulation of more than two million copies. His notebooks published under the title Notes of Your Contemporary became a source of aphorisms. For instance, the congress of collective farmers in the Kremlin in 1970 was called aptly by Golovanov The Ten days That Shook the Children’s World (referring to a children’s department store in Central Moscow). He also invented the modern scientific saying “A nuclear scientist has a Semipalatinsk-sized test site in his brain”.