16 октября 1959 года в Москве появились первые подземные переходы

Do you know the following anecdote? A man enthusiastically tells his wife that he has become famous: even strangers know his family name! Yesterday he was running across the road at a wrong place, the Mercedes braked, and the driver politely said: “You, Dick, should have used an underpass!” However, this anecdote could not have appeared earlier than October 16, 1959. The first underpasses appeared in Moscow right on this day – at the intersection of Kutuzovsky Prospect and Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Street and under Gorky Street that is now called Tverskaya Street, at its intersection with Marksa Prospect that has now divided into Okhotny Ryad and Mokhovaya Street. Thus, another anecdote became outdated on this day: there are two sad pedestrians on a street with an endless stream of cars. “How did you manage to reach this side?” one of them said. “I didn’t do that – I had been born here.”