11 июня 1910 года родился Жак-Ив Кусто

Some sharp-tongued journalists nicknamed Jacques-Yves Cousteau a citizen of the sea. Famous explorer of the world ocean, inventor, author of many books and films, member of the French Academy learned to swim in his childhood against the permission of his family doctor, and at the age of 13 he picked up an amateur movie camera for the first time. He had dreamed of the sea since childhood and began to fulfill his dream – he graduated from the French Maritime Academy. A car crash put an end to his naval career, but gave birth to an inventor: while healing heavy wounds Cousteau invented goggles for scuba diving. And later, he invented the aqualung. Legend has it that in 1943 a French Resistance fighter Cousteau was given the task to monitor the movements of German ships. To sit on the beach all day long was to arouse suspicion. And the only way to hide was underwater. Cousteau turned to engineer Emile Gagnan and together with him created a device for breathing underwater. Right after the war, they started producing it. And the “convict of the sea” kept working: he dived, studied, photographed, filmed and described.