Photo source: UNESCO

Photo source: UNESCO


UNESCO International Days are an occasion to educate the general public about some issues that are global, whether that is accessible and adequate education, wildlife conservation, women in science… These and other International Days help important topics become an informational agenda, as it is hardly every day that we talk about the global importance of creativity over a cup of tea… So, what is in it? 

It is creativity and creative approach to any business that make our lives not only brighter and more joyful, but also more convenient. Was it not for inventor’s audacity to dream, the desire to experience themselves how physics works, could we be enjoying such vigorous technological progress in the 21st century? Perhaps we ourselves fail to notice this, but just a few years ago life changed a lot. For example, thanks to the Internet and mobile communications, almost everyone is now able to work from anywhere in the world. The pandemic clearly demonstrated the importance of creativity. When people became limited in their movements, constrained by the boundaries of their dwelling, they simply began to create at home. As it turned out, not much is necessary for that. And to draw public attention to environmental problems, a simple picture of a whale swimming along a city is enough. Many were then puzzled: is that true? As soon as we stopped traveling, did the nature “cleanse” of manmade emissions? 

As stated on the UN website, 2021 is the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. A creative economy includes both audio and publishing, design and fine arts subjects, new media and other industries. Maybe it will be you who will want to launch a new podcast about the role of creativity and innovation, talk about the latest achievements of scientists, draw a motivating poster on a socially significant issue, or found a music band that will sound totally new thanks to the latest technologies? The pandemic has shown that man, albeit a fragile creature, will always use his creativity to find ways to preserve and improve his health and cooperate peacefully with residents of all countries. After all, by and large, we are all united with life on our planet Earth which we must take care about and do everything we can to prevent our development from inflicting harm on our planet and on ourselves as a consequence.

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