Founded in May 2005, the Institute for the Study of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISS RAS) evaluates the overall state, trends and prospects for the development of scientific research with a view on monitoring, consulting and improving the activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the domestic scientific system as a whole, bringing it in line with the needs of innovative development.

Key activities of ISS RAS include the coordination of scientific research and assessment of its effectiveness, the preparation of analytical, statistical, methodological and forecast data for RAS leadership and public authorities of the Russian Federation on problems of shaping and implementing domestic and foreign scientific, technology and innovation policy, coordinating scientific research and assessing its efficacy.

The Institute publishes analytical and statistical reviews on the scientific potential of Russia and its regions, as well as a series of books on the formation of national innovation systems both in Russia and abroad. Publications emphasize on works devoted to the problems of science and technology forecasting and legal regulation of scientific and innovative activities. In addition, materials (in Russian and foreign languages) on work carried out within the framework of international cooperation programs are published routinely. Findings from research by ISS RAS staff are published in domestic and foreign publications in the form of articles, books and monographs.

ISS RAS provides informational and analytical support to the official Internet outlet of the Council for Science, Technology and Education, an advisory body to the President of the Russian Federation established to inform the Head of the State on the situation in the field of science, technology and education.

Владимир Петрович Заварухин

Владимир Петрович Заварухин


The Institute for the Study of Science of RAS is headed by Vladimir Petrovich Zavarukhin