В 1969 г. на орбите cостоялась первая стыковка двух пилотируемых космических кораблей

Accompanied by cheerful crews’ comments, two manned spacecrafts docked in orbit, which was witnessed by a multi-million TV audience. The space horror of staying in orbit forever became a thing of the past, now, in case of malfunctions, one would be able to give an SOS signal and prepare a docking port. Fine manual docking – much more difficult than threading a needle – was done by Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 commanders Vladimir Shatalov and Boris Volynov. At the same time, Aleksey Eliseev and Evgeny Khrunov played the role of persons to be rescued – they moved through open space from one spacecraft to the other. The miracle, as expected, had been thoroughly prepared. Two years earlier, they had tried it “on cats,” that is, two unmanned Cosmos satellites with numbers 186 and 188 docked automatically.