В 1930 году родился ученый Жорес Алферов

His parents were convinced communists and gave names Jaures and Marx to their children. Marx Alferov was killed during the war, while Jaures became an outstanding Russian physicist. The encyclopedia reports the following on Alferov: correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR with main works devoted to research in the field of heterojunctions in semiconductors and creation of devices on their basis. He discovered the phenomenon of super-injection in heterostructures, suggested principles of using heterostructures in semiconductor electronics. Lenin Prize (1972). However, the last edition of Great Russian Encyclopedia was published in 1978, and it does not mention that Alferov’s research in the field of semiconductor heterostructures and creation of semiconductor laser led to revolution in information technologies. It does not say either that in 2000 a Nobel Prize was awarded to Jaures Alferov jointly with American scientists Herbert Kromer and Jack Kilby for “ research in the field of semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed- and optoelectronics.” The transistors produced on the basis of Jaures Alferov’s discoveries are used in mobile phones, CD players, laser machines, decoders, and other devices. The author of over 500 scholar papers, three monographs and 50 inventions, member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (1995-2019). Jaures Alferov was deeply involved in scientific research: he was a co-chairman of the Advisory Academic Board at Skolkovo Foundation, rector and the founding father of Saint Petersburg Academic University.