В 1878 году на заседании Французской Академии  физик де Монсель демонстрировал фонограф Эдисона

The demonstration ended with a scandal. Academician Buillaud shouted that he would never let a ventriloquist deceive him and allegedly seized the demonstrator by the throat. Though the supposed ventriloquist was neutralized, the phonograph continued speaking to the great surprise of academicians. The device was given to experts who studied the machine for several months. However, Buillaud did not trust them either: “How can we admit that common metal is capable of reproducing human voice?” March 11 is marked in biography of Edison and phonograph one more time. On March 11, 1889 Pall Mall Gazette wrote that Mr. Edison was looking for a bug in his phonograph for the two previous nights. The Oxford Dictionary presents this article as the first example of using word bug in a figurative sense (here hidden microphone).