В 1848 году остановился Ниагарский водопад

Do you know the following anecdote? A guide leads the tourists near the river on the border between the USA and Canada concluding his story: “And now, if the ladies keep silent for a moment, we will hear the roar of Niagara waterfall.” The joke is out of touch with reality. The terrible roar of the waterfall prevents one from making out the words of conversation. However, this anecdote could be relevant on any date except for March 29, 1848. On that day, a strong storm swept Lake Erie and broke the ice on its surface. One of the ice cakes blocked the current of Niagara, which flows out of Lake Erie. Thus the tourists who came to look at the world’s largest sewer pipe, as the humorists are joking, found out that waterfall had come to a halt for the period of 30 hours.