В 1722 г. вступила в силу «Табель о рангах»

The Table of Military, Civil and Court Ranks was discussed in the Senate, Admiralty and Military Collegium for almost a year. The system drafted after examination of about 10 European ones and based on the legislation of Denmark and Prussia instead of Peter’s favorite country of Holland put into the lines of Table all possible offices and ranks at the court, both civil and military ones. As for the Boyar, the ranks of stolnik and okolnichy, which did not make it to the new table, a simple solution was found. Nothing was said about them in the document, as it was supposed that they would disappear in the natural way. According to commentaries to the Table, the military and civil ranks were not inherited, but awarded either by length of service or for special merits. It was stressed that the status of all people, except for those belonging to the Royal Family, depends upon the rank. Thanks to the Table, the system of addressing the officials of different ranks formed up – from Your Excellency to Your Honor.