В 1639 году колледж небольшого городка Ньютаун близ Бостона  получил имя Гарвард

Actually, the history of college, a cradle of American presidents and Nobel Prize winners, began in October 1936, when the Legislative Board of Massachusetts took a decision to allocate 400 pounds for creation of an educational establishment. This money was used to buy a farm in Newtown in the street with a funny name of Bovine Row. After that the authorities of the state hired a teacher and enrolled the boys. For a couple of years, the college was anonymous, but then an unexpected surprise happened – it inherited half of the property and the whole library of clergyman John Harvard. The priest was a graduate of Cambridge, yet moved across the ocean trying to escape the persecution of Puritans on the part of the Anglican Church. The grateful heirs immortalized the sponsor’s name. Along with that, Newtown was deliberately renamed into Cambridge. Later, the college would become a university and start catching up with and overtaking its British namesake. Finally Harvard caught up with Cambridge in prestige and outstripped in training fee, which is not so pleasing a fact, though predictable.