В 1630 году английские переселенцы в Америке впервые попробовали попкорн

The Indians of North America believed that a small idol was living in corn kernel. When ear corn is put into fire, the idol gets mad out of spite and leaves his house. Disrespectful attitude towards the god of corn goes back generations – the popcorn found in a cave in New Mexico is 5,500 years old. Over all these years, the Indians had enjoyed popcorn alone. The idea to treat pale-faced newcomers to national delicacy came to the head of kind-hearted Indian by name of Quodequine, so the English colonists tasted popcorn for the first time on February 22, 1630. Soon, sharp-brained white people realized that there are no Indian gods in the kernels of corn. Nothing of that kind, just a drop of starch with water. Science says that water boils being heated and tears the envelope apart. Puffy corn could have remained just healthy food, but it was lucky to see cinematograph to be invented. In company with the cinema, popcorn conquered the whole world on both sides of the Atlantic. Ask any child, and he/she would answer that popcorn grows in movie theaters.