В 1493 г. родился естествоиспытатель Филипп Ауреол Бомбаст фон Гогенгейм

In his lifetime, famous Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim was not very compliant and modest. He traveled around the world, had disputes with authorities, treated people and conducted experiments, wrote books, taught in German rather than in habitual Latin, which was also a challenge at that time. He considered himself to be superior to the Ancient Roman physician Celsus, hence the name Paracelsus. He was called “doctor of both medicines,” which in those junior years of the science meant therapy and surgery. It is claimed that Paracelsus died in extreme poverty because of mercury poisoning. He managed to capitalize on his findings many years later: 400 years after his death, in 1976, during the public debate it turned out that the Swiss consider Paracelsus their greatest compatriot and thus his portrait was featured on the most valuable note of 5,000 francs. Faust’s dream had come true – by the way, many consider Paracelsus to be Faust’s prototype. The fair moment lingered.