14 ноября 1888 года открыли институт Пастера

The employees working at the Pasteur Institute like to say that they are working under the supervision of Pasteur, Roux and Mechnikov. There is clear evidence of it indeed, as the tombs of these scientists are located on the territory of Pasteur Institute. The establishment was being built and equipped for the money raised by way of public subscription. Finally, 2 million francs were raised. The people from all over the world would donate money generously and with a hope: Louis Pasteur relieved them from the fear of rabies and Siberian plague. The collected amount was spent for purchase of a land plot with the area of 11,000 m2 among gardens and vegetable gardens. The building of the institute was erected under the guidance of Pasteur himself. On November 14, 1888, the scientists, politicians, as well as Pasteur’s friends and employees gathered in the institute’s library. Pasteur was so excited that he could not make a speech and entrusted this task to his son. There were words in this speech that every genuine scientist will put his name to: “To believe that you have ascertain an important fact, to be anxious about making it public, to fight yourself for days, weeks, months and years, to try to refute the results of your own tests and finally to make your discovery public only after all counter-arguments are exhausted. It is a serious challenge.”