13 июля 1897 года был опубликован патент на радио Гульельмо Маркони

Guglielmo started his radio tests at his father’s villa near Bologna. His neighbor Augusto Righi, Professor of the University of Bologna, told him about Hertz waves. The twenty-years-old student read works by Heinrich Hertz and went to the University of Bologna to study under the neighbor. He immediately started experiments at the villa of his parents, as practice attracted Marconi more than science. His brother Alfonso ran about the fields with a receiving set and a white flag, which he used to let know the signal was received. Then he took a hunting shotgun and disappeared behind the mountain. A shot meaning that the signal was received announced the birth of a new communications system. In 1895, Marconi sent a wireless signal from his garden into the field over a distance of three kilometers. Having realized that he succeeded, he sent the Ministry of Post and Telegraphs a proposal to use wireless communications, but it was dismissed. Marconi received the funding across the English Channel and carried out his works in Great Britain ever since.

Agitated at first, the public thought that the radio would kill people – destroy the nerves and disturb sleep. But then people got accustomed and started sending marconigrams. The inventor's mother was right when she told the British customs officer when asked if she had a bomb in her luggage, “Yes, this is a bomb! But it will not destroy the world, it will destroy its walls.” The customs officer did not understand anything and broke down the machine just to be on the safe side.