12 августа 1887 года родился знаменитый австрийский физик-теоретик Эрвин Шрёдингер

In his native Austria, he is listed among the main celebrities along with Mozart and Freud. Unfortunately, the clear evidence of this fame is already out of use. Once Schrödinger’s portrait decorated the 1,000 Austrian shilling bill.

The works on quantum theory brought Erwin Schrödinger worldwide fame and a Nobel Prize, which he shared with Paul Dirac. “What could be greater in theoretical physics than Schrödinger’s first six works on wave mechanics?” his colleague, Max Born, later said. Indeed, there is little to compare with the wave equation of matter, which was then named after Schrödinger. Except Newton’s equations for classical mechanics.

If we go on speaking about fame, even people quite distant from physics have heard something about Schrödinger’s cat. When Erwin Schrödinger decided to show that quantum mechanics was incomplete in the transition from subatomic systems to macroscopic ones, he conducted a mental experiment with a cat, which has been called Schrödinger’s cat ever since. Who has not used the poor, either alive or dead, cat ever since — science fiction writers, film directors, TV series and computer game writers! As with Schrödinger’s cat, the scientists thought of Schrödinger’s terrorists, that is, those who are not known to be either alive or eliminated.

Schrödinger was, among other things, a thinker, as he spoke six languages and read philosophers in the original. His long list of works includes a study at the intersection of biology and physics, What Is Life in Terms of Physics? Schrödinger’s answer was as follows: “Efforts of a special organized system to reduce its entropy by increasing the outside entropy.”