11 мая 1949 года Сиам переименован в Таиланд

The decision to rename Siam to Thailand was finally taken by King Rama XI Phumiphon Adunyadet. Why “finally”? Well, because for the first time the renaming of a kingdom that existed since the 14th century was contemplated by his predecessor, Rama VIII Ananthamahidon: why a country populated by the Thai should be called Siam? It should be renamed Thailand, to mean the “land of Thai” in the language of the friendly English. But the royal will is fleeting. After being known for 6 years as Thailand, the country reverted to Siam in 1945. In the turbulent years of World War II, maps could hardly be updated timely. But later they had to be changed as by the will of Rama IX Siam disappeared from geographical maps. And Thailand appeared in its place. Siamese cats and twins were not harmed. There were no losses at all, save for mapmakers and schoolchildren.