Еще 10 законов Шарля Монтескьё
Charles Louis Montesquieu

1689 – 1755. French lawyer and philosopher. He is the founder of liberalism and representative democracy.


1. The government must be so that people can not be afraid of each other.

2. If triangles had created a god for themselves, he would have three sides.

3. The brutality of laws impedes their observance.

4. An intelligent man feels what others only know.

5. Freedom is the right to do anything not prohibited by law.

6. History is a series of events invented on the occasion of actual ones.

7. How small is the gap between time when a person is still too young and when he is already too old.

8. Everything well-done is the work of free men.

9. There’s nothing more unfortunate than seeing a good word die in the ear of the fool you told it to.

10. The pious are capable of finding excuses to misdeeds that an ordinary decent man would not find.