10 премудростей Бианта Приенского
Bias of Priene

6th century BC. Ancient Greek sage, one of the Seven Wise Men of Ancient Greece.


1. I think then I act.

2. Not by force, but by conviction.

3. Do not turn bold in happiness nor turn miserable in misfortune.

4. Love prudence.

5. Approach business not with haste but with resolve.

6. Do not hurry when you speak, haste is a sign of madness.

7. There’s no good when a lot of people take up on the same business.

8. You should look into a mirror: if you look fine, do fine things; if you look ugly, correct by nobility the defect of your nature.

9. Pace your life so as if you had both little and enough time left to live.

10. The inferior ones are always and everywhere the majority.