10 идентификаций Эдварда Уилсона
Edward Osborne Wilson

Born 1929. American biologist and biologist. Won two Pulitzer Prizes. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.


1. Only the man created the economy.

2. The building block of almost all human societies is the family cell.

3. Sexual behavior has become little to do with fertilization proper.

4. Little wonder that the identity crisis is a major source of modern neuroticism.

5. The development of human speech is an evolutionary “quantum leap” comparable to the integration of eukaryotic cells into multicellular organisms.

6. The persistent paradox of religion is that in many ways it is essentially a clear deception, and yet religion remains a driving force in all societies.

7. Singing and dancing serve to unite groups, manage people's emotions, prepare them for joint activity.

8. An important trait of the tribe is that it has a double moral and ethical standard – one type of behavior is acceptable for intra-group relationships and another one, for extra-group relationships.

9. Polygamy, both secret and explicit as approved by custom, is practiced predominantly by men.

10. Magic and totemism were the result of direct adaptation to the environment and preceded religion as such in social evolution.